西川 美和 (にしかわ・みわ)

早稲田大学在学中、是枝裕和監督「ワンダフルライフ」(1999年)に参加し、大学卒業後はフリーランスの助監督として4年間活動。2002年「蛇イチゴ」でオリジナル脚本・監督デビュー。2006年、長編第二作「ゆれる」を発表し、第59回カンヌ国際映画祭監督週間に出品。2009年「ディア・ドクター」、2012年「夢売るふたり」を発表。2016年「永い言い訳」(AOI Pro.出資・制作)を発表、アジア、欧州でも公開される。2021年、小説「身分帳」(佐木隆三著)の小説原案に初挑戦した「すばらしき世界」(AOI Pro.出資・制作)は国内外で評価され、第56回シカゴ国際映画祭観客賞、第47回シアトル国際映画祭観客賞、第76回毎日映画コンクール日本映画優秀賞など多数受賞。

Born in Hiroshima, and a graduate of Waseda University, Miwa Nishikawa was first discovered by Hirokazu Kore-eda. After working with many veteran directors, she made her directorial debut with WILD BERRIES(2003). Her second film, SWAY (2006), was acclaimed at Cannes Film Festival, and her third film, DEAR DOCTOR (2009), her fourth film, DREAMS FOR SALE (2012) were released. Her film, THE LONG EXCUSE (2016) , co-financed and produced by AOI Pro., was released in Asia and Europe. In 2021, UNDER THE OPEN SKY, co-financed and produced by AOI Pro., has won the Best International Feature Audience Choice Award at the 56th Chicago International Film Festival and the Lena Sharpe Award for Persistence of Vision at the 47th Seattle International Film Festival. It won for outstanding Japanese movie of the 76th Mainichi Film Awards.
She has published a novel adapted from the screenplay of SWAY (2006), and nominated for the annual Mishima Yukio Literary Prize, and a spin-off book to DEAR DOCTOR (2009), nominated for the Naoki Literature Prize.

芝村 至(AOI Pro.)